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General and Specific Human Capital for a Paralegal

Jimmy and Kim are looking for a paralegal for their new firm, but they both have very different needs. Jimmy is in a rush to get through the interview because he has a commercial airing later and the phones will be busy. During the interview, they ask some different screening questions to see if the applicant is qualified. During the interview, Kim asks why the candidate wants to leave her government job with good benefits for a paralegal job. She notes a variety of unpleasant conditions of working with the DMV, notably the bureaucracy.

People are willing to accept lower levels of compensation if the working conditions are more pleasant. This scene is a good example to use when discussing compensating differentials. Workers are not only income maximizers but instead care about the non-pecuniary aspects of employment. Another component of the interview was the identify particular skills she may possess, either general or specific. While the candidate isn’t familiar with specific training associated with being a paralegal, she highlights some of the general human capital that she believes would aid her in her new role. These include patient and attention to detail, as well as interacting with elderly clients. She also notes that she has experience with Microsoft Word and Excel.

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