Labor · Saul

General Human Capital from a Legal Career

Jimmy is invited for an interview regarding a copier salesman position with Neff Copiers. During the interview, they not that Jimmy’s resume shows his previous employment as a lawyer until shortly before the interview and they are curious why he would make such a drastic change. From their standpoint, it seems like a demotion to go from a legal career to a sales job.

Jimmy takes a chance to analyze his decision from a cost-benefit analysis standpoint. He admits that he doesn’t have traditional sales, which would definitely be a cost of hiring him. The tradeoff is that his skills as a lawyer are transferable to a sales job because it still involves “selling” to different people. His argument is essentially that the skills he gained as a lawyer are general human capital and can be transferred to a more traditional sales role.

This scene is the shorter version of a longer scene, which includes Jimmy arguing in favor of his employment from an opportunity cost perspective. If you have the time, check out that clip!

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