Breaking Bad was a crime drama television series that aired on American Movie Channel from 2008 to 2013. The series tells the story of a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, turned drug dealer after being diagnosed with cancer. The show holds the Guinness World Record as the most acclaimed show of all time, winning 16 Primetime Emmy Awards, two Critic’s Choice Awards and four Television Critics Choice Awards as well as numerous individual awards for lead actors and supporting actors.

The purpose of this site is to provide both educators and students an outlet for uncovering various economics concepts through this hit show. Instructors looking to use Breaking Bad in the classroom should visit the Teaching Resources page. Students looking for examples of economics terminology can sort by category in the menu or use the search feature. If you have clips that you think we should add to the site, please reach out to us.

If you’ve never seen Breaking Bad or need an overview of the show’s plot, check out this animated cartoon about the show (Warning: Spoiler Alerts!)