Supply and Demand · Walter · Walter Jr.

Buy Me Off

In an attempt to get Walt Jr to like him again, Walter tries to buy him a used car. Recognizing that his dad is trying to purchase his approval, he convinces his dad to buy him a new sports car instead. This clip shows Walter’s willingness to pay for his son’s happiness.

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Behavioral & Game Theory

Tea Options

Lydia comes to see Mike and is less than impressed with the diner’s tea selections. She goes through a variety of different drink options and then settles on just having hot water and lemon, which she values over Lipton (black) tea. Consumer theory requires that consumers should be able to rank their preferences, which Lydia clearly does in this scene.

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Supply and Demand · Walter

Another PB&J

Walter loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This simple meal is often the textbook example for complements in consumption. There are a variety of items that are often consumed alongside other items. When the price of one complement increases, it negatively impacts the consumption of the other.

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